What is ED? – 5 facts about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most taboo subjects you could ever discuss with a man. It seems as if men will happily discuss virtually every aspect there is to discuss about their sex lives, other than that particular topic or those Image result for ed trial packwhich are loosely similar. Despite being such a no-go subject, erectile dysfunction, or ED for short, is an incredibly common condition which affects men of all ages, all over the world. But what is ED really, and why are men so reluctant to discuss it, or worse still, seek help and admit they may have a problem? Well, to help answer these questions and to help bring you up to speed, here’s a look at 5 facts about erectile dysfunction that not a lot of people may have been aware of.


Erectile dysfunction is very common – Though men are often ashamed to admit that they have a problem, erectile dysfunction is actually very common. The condition refers to problems with sustaining and maintaining an erection and currently over 100 million men across the globe struggle with it to some degree, though some more so than others.


ED is not the same as a poor libido – A lot of men who all of a sudden begin experiencing a drop in libido, or no sex drive at all, will often diagnose themselves incorrectly and will believe that they are struggling with ED. In reality however, ED suffers almost always have a very healthy libido, which can make the condition even more frustrating. With ED, it is often the body which lets the sufferer down.


ED symptoms are very easily diagnosed – For those of you who happen to still be unsure as to what ED is, the symptoms are generally considered very simple to diagnose. Generally speaking, symptoms include:


  • Erections which are not sustainable for long enough to complete sexual activity
  • The inability to achieve an erection at all
  • Erections which are too flaccid to complete sexual activity


A lot of men will find it very easy to achieve an erection and will therefore think that they are not struggling with erectile dysfunction. However, ED suffers can actually achieve erections with no problems at all, but if a person is unable to sustain an erection, or achieve a fully hard erection, they can still be suffering with the condition.


Men aged 40 – 70 are at the highest risk – Though ED can affect men of any age, generally speaking it is men aged between 40 and 70 who are at the highest risk of suffering with ED.


ED is very treatable – The good news is that ED is now more treatable than ever, thanks primarily to the remedies you probably know as being Viagra or Cialis or Levitra. Viagra is made from the generic drug sildenafil, Cialis is made from the generic tadalafil, and Levitra is the brand name for the generic vardenafil. They are all designed to help enhance circulation to the erectile tissue in the genitals, and subsequently allow an erection to occur and sustain and maintained as well.

If you have not tried one or more of these solutions, they are similar but different, and they have different effects and possible side effects. We would strongly urge you to not give up and to try an ed trial pack and decide which of these medications you prefer. And do consider that Cialis or tadalafil has an active period of 36 or more hours, while Viagra or sildenafil can really do they job with an active life of 4 hours.